Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm Back with a Downpour of Good News!

Yes, I'm back again from being on sabbatical from blogging! Well, it's been a slow news day these past few months, until about a week ago when I was 'drenched' with some good news!

I had left work a few minutes early last Thursday. Well, when I came into work on Friday, I started reading my e-mails when I noticed one from the director of our office. She was congratulating me on the article I wrote. I then began to wonder what she was talking about. Hmmm...well, the last article I wrote was almost two years ago and it was for class. I was told that it would get published the following semester, but it never did. I had even e-mailed my former instructor to inquire when it would be getting published. She told me that the newspaper had two new editors, so it was up to them as to which stories made it in. Evidently, mine never made it to print until last week! YAY! Needless to say, I told my "supervisor" the good news and she asked me if I'd leave a copy for the office. Well, it turns out a few days ago, she placed a copy of the newspaper, which had published my article, in the lunch room and placed a Post-It on the front page mentioning my article. What a way to embarrass me; however, I did receive several compliments from my co-workers.

Well, you can guess how surprised and excited I was about the article. But I was also not expecting to hear more good news soon after! About three weeks ago, I went to take a job exam and then the following week, I took another exam for the same organization, but for a slightly higher position. Well, this week, I found out the results for both exams and I passed! However, because there is always a high volume of people applying for these positions and taking these exams, you must pass it and have received a certain overall percentage in order to get on the waiting list. Once you pass the exam, you receive a ranking number and wait until your number is picked, and until you're contacted for an interview. Unfortunately, the list only stays active for a few months. And once the list expires, you have an opportunity to take the exam again when it's offered. Needless to say, I ranked #12 on exam one and #20 on exam two. However, soon after I passed the first exam, I received an e-mail informing me that I qualified for the bilingual vacancies and to call them for an interview, if I was interested. Well, I'm still waiting for the call back regarding the interview schedule.

After having been on a job search for the past nine months, I'm learning to have more patience and I believe it's slowly starting to pay off. I'm going to continue practicing being positive and surrounding myself with positivity so that I may reach my goals. I intend that the next path I'll be on is to become employed at one of these organizations. Disclaimer: I haven't given up on my dreams just yet. I have to put them on hold for the moment, but will try to find time to work around them and hope that they will become a part of my future. :)