Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

Saying good bye to 2009 is leaving me a little melancholy and sentimental, but saying hello to 2010--the start of a new decade--is giving me hope of possible things to come.

The beginning of 2009 brought me a little false hope of advancement at work. I was going to be given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities, as well as receive better pay. Unfortunately because of how office politics work, I had to wait until early spring to relish in my promotion. However, it was then taken away in July when we experienced budget cuts.

In April, my fellow BH (Blockhead) Sistahs and I got together once again and drove to Fresno, CA to go see our favorite group, New Kids on the Block, perform again. Then in July, my friends and I got together again to attend their Full Service concerts in Concord and Irvine, CA. We had the best time meeting the guys again and getting together to share our childhood memories!

During the summer, I thought that love could be on the horizon when I ran into last crush...only to be given false hope. I learned a valuable lesson from this and it's to make myself happy and to focus on what I want in my life.

Late summer had me saying good bye to my one and only nephew, who joined the Air Force and was on his way to Basic Military Training in Texas. He graduated from BMT in early October, which allowed my parents, sister, two nieces and I to travel to San Antonio to see him graduate and be honored as one of the top graduates! We also got to do a little sightseeing at the River Walk.

Early fall brought me back to So Cal to take my parents to visit my mother's family, including her four siblings and numerous nieces and nephews. I always have a great time with my mother's side of the family. They're what I consider 'crazy' because they know how to tell the right jokes and always reminisce about the 'old days.'

The holidays brought my family together once again, in which we celebrated Thanksgiving with my cousin and her family, at her son's house. Then my immediate family--including my nephew, who was on a two-week leave from the Air Force--spent Christmas at my parents house.

Needless to say, I'm ready for 2010! I have faith that good or positive things will happen in the new year. Here's hoping that 2010 brings you much happiness, prosperity and good health! Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I survived another year! Between my last birthday and today, I found myself spending a lot of time traveling, which I had always hoped to do. I spent most of '08 and '09 traveling up and down California to go see my favorite music group, NKOTB. Thanks to them, I've gotten to meet a lot of new friends and have become addicted to Twitter! Coincidentally, I have been the happy recipient of two tweets by none other than the leader or 'charismatic one' himself, Donnie Wahlberg! He's just as much a sweetheart with a big heart, as is Jonathan Knight, who you all {yes, all three of you!} know I've been crushing on since I was 16 years old!

Earlier this year, I got promoted at my job. I was getting the run-around at work and waited three months until the paperwork finally went through...only for the promotion to be taken away at the beginning of July when the California budget crisis led me to take a major pay cut. :( At that moment in time, I told my supervisors that I was going to have to look for another job, which I am still looking for. Yes, it's THAT bad in California!

Around May, I got reacquainted with an 'old' crush. I got the nerve to stop by his place of business a few times, but never had a real conversation with him. Eventually, my heart got broken yet again a few months later when I saw him with his ex-girlfriend. I quickly moved on.

About two weeks ago, I took my parents to visit my mother's siblings and their families in Southern California and Baja CA. The last time we saw the family was three years ago when we attended my cousin's memorial service. I love visiting my extended family (and yes, I have many, many cousins), who I don't get to see very much. On the last day we were in Baja, my cousin Ben gave and said something to my parents that ultimately made me become an emotional wreck. So up until the time we left, he made fun of me because I was still crying! My Baja cousins ALWAYS make us feel welcomed when we go to visit them. I will blog more about my Baja trip in another blog.

A few months ago, I started experiencing more feelings of regret. I've felt that I haven't accomplished much in my life nor do I get the respect I deserve. I went back to college a few years ago, but am only taking a few classes here and there since I really need to work. I intend to continue with school and complete all the necessary classes so that I can eventually transfer one day, but it may take me a while longer.

I'm not sure what lies ahead for me, but I can only hope it's something good and for which I've worked hard for. My current motto is that I'm going to focus more time in making myself happy. I have yet to see what is out there for me. It may be a new job in another city or traveling. Whatever it is, there may be some challenges along the way, but I have faith that I'll overcome them.

Here is to another year of living with good health and happiness, and exploring all the possibilities that are yet to come!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saying Good-Bye to Mr. Cutie

This morning, my cousin invited me to go see her best friend compete in her first 1/2 marathon, which took place in the town we all grew up in. My cousin picked me up around 9:45 am and we drove over to city hall, where we were expecting to meet up with her best friend.

As we arrived to the marathon site, we noticed my cousin's friend chatting with other competitors, so we walked up to her and started asking her how she did. About 30 to 45 minutes of being there, we walked across the street to meet up with the best friend's older brother and some of her friends. As we stayed to watch the second marathon, I then noticed this guy riding this old-style bicycle and riding along side him was this woman, who I can confirm was his ex or former girlfriend. :( My heart literally came out of my chest. As they rode their bikes past me, they set them down and gathered with a few of their friends, who were all there to cheer on their friends participating in the marathon.

It's probably safe to say that they're now back together, which means I am giving up--again--and this time it's for good. I think deep down I knew it was too good to be true. I'm now realizing that I would have never had a chance with him. A guy like Mr. Cutie doesn't come around often, especially where I'm from. In an odd way, I felt like the Molly Ringwald character, "Andie", in Pretty in Pink. Obviously he has found his equal in his ex-girlfriend, so I guess all I can say now is that I hope they're happy.

Love is definitely a funny thing. After you get your heart broken several more times, you start to question if there is something wrong with you. I'm putting faith in the fact that I'm a good person, who has the qualities that a man will like or love about me. I do hope I will find love...or that it will find me...someday. I think I deserve some happiness in my life and I will just have to practice more patience until I find it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dancing With The Stars is back!

Ok, I'm gradually getting back to blogging again. I thought my first blog back would be to fill you in on what I did this past summer, but network TV has interrupted that blog for now!

Season 9 of ABC's Dancing With The Stars premiered tonight. I've been watching this show since it first aired, with the exception of possibly one season {and no, it wasn't the first season in which NKOTB member, Joey McIntyre, appeared in}. I really try to make an effort to vote for who I think puts their heart and soul into the competition, and who I believe deserves to win. This season is a no-brainer! My vote is for Donny Osmond (yes, the Donny Osmond), former 70's teen idol and one of my first crushes when I was just a mere three or four-years-old (ok, so my crushing started a little bit early)!

Having followed Donny's career now for the past 30+ years (YIKES!), I can truly say that he's a fierce competitor! He's going to perfect every dance move each week because 1) he wants that trophy and 2) that's just the way he works.

Right from the beginning, I sensed that Mark Dacascos of the Food Network's Iron Chef America would be Donny's best competition. I think it's just too early to say who's going to win it. If I were a betting woman, you know my money would be on Donny!

Despite having to practice every week for DWTS, he is also currently doing weekly shows at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas with his sister Marie. Note to self: I must catch their Vegas show soon because it's been 24 years since I last saw them in concert, which also happened to be the first concert I ever attended!

Here's the link to vote for your favorite competitor, which also includes Kelly Osbourne, model Kathy Ireland, actresses Debi Mazar and Melissa Joan Heart, and singers Macy Gray and Aaron Carter. Obviously you know who I'll be voting for!

Here's a little blast from the past. Hey, maybe Donny will incorporate some of these dance moves, which his brother (Jay) taught him and Marie for the original Donny & Marie show!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As you've (this is intended for my 2 or 3 "fans", who follow this blog) probably noticed, I've been a little MIA or absent from the blogging world. My summer off from school went by way too quickly! A few exciting (well, at least for me) things happened to me during the summer, which are worthy of a blog or two; however, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and post. And now I'm a little preoccupied with trying to keep on track with school because I've got so much to do in so little time.

Anyway, I intend to update my blog soon. Until then, enjoy this little treat!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hanging Out with Mr. Cutie

I can't believe the great night I had last Saturday! My friend S and I, and her friend M, went to Mr. Cutie's POB (place of business). Before we headed over there, we had dinner at this restaurant I've been to many times before. The initial plan was that we would have dinner and then walk over to you-know-whose place because there was going to be live music. As soon as we finished dinner, we were nearing the stoplight to cross the street when who do I see but Mr. Cutie! I told my friend, S, "OMG, there he is!" Well, as we were about to cross the street, some guy on his bicycle crossed Mr. Cutie's path & they started talking...right in the middle of the street! I obviously couldn't say anything right then and there, so we continued walking. After we arrived at his POB, S and I ordered some wine. Mr. Cutie was no where in sight. I wonder where he had wandered off to. Well, about an hour later, he arrived. By that time, I had already finished my wine & unfortunately, I didn't get a refill because I had to drive home. Heck, I could have even walked home!

The entire time M and S were teasing me, but also encouraging me to go talk to Mr. Cutie. Well, about this time, more people came into his place and he was mingling with the regulars. Obviously, I am NOT a regular! I know for sure he noticed me, but the entire time I just kept talking to my friends. If I stared at him the entire night, I didn't want to give him the impression that I was totally into him! At one point, he started talking to the woman who was sitting at the large table in front of us (who was accompanied by several others) and had his back towards us. Shortly thereafter, he turned around & asked if he could take the chair that was at our (small) table, which wasn't being occupied. I think my friend, S, answered at the same time, but I answered, "Sure, go right ahead!" Ok, so I was really thinking of saying, "Hey, it's your place and you can do anything you please!" Maybe he thought we were expecting more people. Grrr! I let the opportunity to talk to him pass me up.

Since the music started late, we didn't leave until about 1 hour and 45 minutes later. I had to call it an early night because I had to try studying for finals and my two friends needed to drive back home. I didn't let S persuade me to leave through the door closest to where Mr. Cutie was. We ended up leaving from another side door, which was closer to me. I'm sure he noticed us leaving, but we had to go.

Of course I regret not initiating a conversation with Mr. Cutie beyond him asking me if he could use the chair at our table. I mean, HELLO, this is his place after all! You know what I really wanted to say was, "Instead, you should pull up a chair and join us!" Note to self: Work on my flirting techniques because it needs a LOT of improvement!

After we finally left, we walked around town and then resumed in the parking lot where our cars were parked. Of course, I wanted to kick myself for keeping quiet the entire night (ok, so I didn't want to interrupt him talking), but I have faith there will be a next time and that I WILL talk to him!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Return of Mr. Cutie

Yes, I never thought I'd be saying this again, but I think my feelings for Mr. Cutie have returned!

I went to the grocery store today and ran into my friend, E, who has been working there for years. I felt bad that I haven't been able to talk/call her, so we chatted a bit and I asked her if she was going to attend the celebration that the city was throwing for the town we grew up in. She said she was thinking about it and I told her to give me a call if she decided to go. I was hoping she'd call because I really needed a distraction away from my studies.

By now it's about 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. and I walk over to E's house and then she, myself and her two kids head into town to check out the festivities. Before we arrived, we stopped by the store to buy some drinks and ran into our cousin (E is related to this cousin on her mother's side and I'm related on my father's side). We finally made it downtown and we were probably there about 30 minutes when I spotted Mr. Cutie! He was chatting with some friends, who were BBQing for the festivities. I told E that he was there, as I had suspected he would be.

I don't know her reasons for doing this, but E brought her camera with her and she said that she was going to take a photo of Mr. Cutie. Well, at one point, she said something to his friend (I can't remember if she knew him or not) and within a few minutes, she snapped the shot while I was several feet away. When we met up, E told me that he noticed she was taking the picture and was trying to get out of the way or just out of the shot. I hope he didn't suspect what she was doing!

I felt like E and I were going around in circles at this party, until we found ourselves in the wine tasting area. We probably stood in one spot for like 30-45 minutes when E recognized a regular from her store. I jokingly kept asking E, "Do you see my boyfriend around?!" She would then reply, "Yeah, he's standing right in back of you!" Literally, he was within a few feet away or within proximity of me and a few times, our backs were to each other. I noticed Mr. Cutie chatting with some friends, as well as some new ones, but I saw NO girlfriend in sight! Someone had asked him a question about where he lived and as I was trying to listen, there was some other commotion going on. Then I heard that he was going back in to the city tonight. Does he have another place that he resides in away from our town? I was trying not to make it obvious that I was checking him out and I think I pulled it off really well. Incidentally, when I first noticed him today, those butterflies found their way back into my stomach!

So after being at this celebration party for about four hours, it was time to go home. Our feet were killing us (we both wore sandals because it was such a gorgeous day today)! I thought by that time Mr. Cutie had left back to his place of business, which was around the corner, but I noticed him as we were trying to find a public restroom. Eeek!! I'm sure he noticed me, but again, I played it off like I didn't see him. You know, the least I could've done was make eye contact and smile at him like I did when I first saw him almost two years ago. I can't continue to keep letting good opportunities pass me by because I'm definitely not getting any younger! :(

Before we left the party, I ran into a high school classmate of mine, who I hadn't talked to in two years. We were talking about how we really should get together because we weren't able to the last time we spoke. I told her that as soon as I'm finished with finals, I would call her and see if she wanted to meet up for lunch. Hmmm...I think I know of a place to go grab some lunch at! Let's just hope he's there when I go!

The saga with Mr. Cutie continues...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Reasons to Love This Man!

My fellow "Blockhead" (H) e-mailed this to me and a few other BH friends last night and I wish I would've sent it to Jonathan via Twitter. Oh well, because he ended up posting this link early this morning. This interview speaks for itself. More celebrities need to take a lesson from Jon. He's the most down-to-earth, sweetest person you're ever going to meet! :) Did I mention that he was gorgeous too?! I can't wait to see him again this summer!

The interview was taped on April 28th at the Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth" benefit in West Hollywood, CA. Click on Debbie's website and you'll see many more photos from this event, including some of Jonathan!

It's times like these that I wish I were living in Southern California right now! By the way, I don't think I could've done a better job at interviewing him, but I'm still hoping for a chance someday! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Adventures in Fresno

On April 16th, my friends and I drove four hours to the "armpit capital" of California, also known as Fresno! You're probably thinking, "Why on the earth would she go there?" Well, we had our reasons...five very good reasons! Despite this being our first trip to Central California, my three friends and I (my Godsister merely went for the experience) made the trip because we were going to go see another NKOTB concert and were going to meet the guys again!

My Godsister and I actually arrived an hour ahead of my three friends, who decided to take another route. We didn't have much time to relax, so we started getting ready because we needed to be at the venue, located at Fresno State University, by 4:00 pm. Then we had to be in the building by 4:30 so that we could be directed into the VIP lounge. However, before heading over to the venue, we stopped off at BJ's Restaurant and ate some lunch. I was famished, but I only managed to eat like 30% of my salad and french fries. Yes, I believe I was starting to feel a bit anxious as to what was to come.

As we drove into the venue, I noticed all these women standing alongside this little hillside looking down. They were looking down at the tour buses, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the guys. A few people saw Joey and Jordan waved hello to a few fans. I met up with my friend K, who brought her friend B, and then my group of friends (H, K, S and my Godsister) and I gathered together to get in line. A few days prior to the concert, I had read that if we didn't already have a pre-made group of 10 people, we were likely going to be separated. We weren't going to let this happen, so we were fortunate to find three more girls--twin sisters & a younger (younger as in 29 years old) fan. YEAH! We were set!

We were the 6th group lined up, which meant we were Group F. As I stood underneath the doorway of the venue, I started coughing this nervous cough. I was experiencing a bout of anxiety because I was going to meet the guys again. :( Why now?! As we got off the elevator, I finally felt better when we found ourselves a table and started chatting with the rest of the girls in our group. We discussed different aspects of the group, as well as what we all did for a living.

Finally, at around 6:00 pm or so, a rep started talking and began to call out the letters of the alphabet because it was time to get ready to meet the guys! There I go again with the nervous cough. When our group letter was called up, I started feeling weak in the knees. Then as we approached the black curtain, my anxiety woes went away when I saw the guys!

I noticed from right to left were Jonathan, Jordan, Donnie, Danny and Joey. Of course, I went to Jon first and received a great big hug from him. As I tried to make my way to another guy, I remembered what my friend N told me: Stay put where you are and don't leave his side. If there's any time left later, go back and give a quick hug to the other guys. At one point, just before the group photo, I showed Jon what I had found the night before. It was a flier that was passed around my high school in Oct. 1988 announcing a benefit concert the guys participated in near my town. It was the one and only time they were in my area. I showed him both sides of the flier and, of course, I knew he wasn't going to remember. :( This small concert was likely the second one they had ever done to promote their sophomore album, "Hangin' Tough," and occurred immediately after their first, historical show, which was at the Fulton Mall in Fresno in 1988.

Well, needless to say, I stayed put next to Jonathan because within a minute or so, someone called out that it was picture time! We got into our places and they snapped the pic. The entire time I was thinking that Jon didn't look so good. Well, my friend had read Jon's Twitter message stating he was sick with the flu, so you could tell he was not well. Dang, he still looks good, sick or well!! So now I figured I'd have a few seconds to go give Donnie a quick hug and show him the flier too, but the Knight Brothers assistant, as well as a security guard, were rushing us out because they needed to bring in the next group. Literally, we were in the VIP room for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes. :( One funny thing that happened as we left the meet and greet was when my friend K asked if she could get a solo pic with Donnie, which she did! Note to self again: Be more assertive and don't forget to introduce myself next time!

My group of friends and I re-grouped, and we finally received our tickets for our seats. As the usher helped my Godsister and I, we noticed we were sitting in the 2nd row, just steps away from the stage! I was blessed again with such great seats! My friends H and K were about two rows behind me, my friend S was near H and K, and my other friend K and her friend B were just one person away from me! K and B decided to stand right at the corner of the stage, so as soon as the lights went down, we joined them there!

The night was fantastic and I had a great time meeting up and hanging out with my friends! We decided to go to Denny's after wards because we were all (*insert Bostonian accent here*) stahving!

Our final morning together, my friends and I had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory and discussed the great time we had at the concert. I think all of us agreed that we (minus my Godsister, who will be moving soon) can't wait for our next adventure(s) this summer!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Ready for Another Fun Adventure!

Well, I'm getting ready for another fun adventure. This time my friends and I are driving down to Fresno this morning for some FUN, FUN, FUN! In fact, this will be my first trip to Central California. We're going to meet up with a few more friends in the evening and dance, and "rock out" like there's no tomorrow! I hear the weather will be warm & beautiful, so I can't wait! Upon my return, I will let you know all about my little expedition and the five "creatures" we saw!

I am now happy to say that I finally got my promotion! YEAH! I started my "new" job on the 6th. I'm gradually getting into my new position and will welcome the new responsibilities as they come. However, my former boss just hired two new people to take over my old job and now we have a full house!

Lastly, about two weeks ago, I was on one of those social networking sites checking my e-mail when I noticed my 21-year-old nephew's status: "Just joined the Air Force." :( I automatically started feeling tearful and retrospective. Several months back, he mentioned it to the family that he was considering joining. Well, now it's official. I guess part of me was upset because of the way he presented it and, of course, I don't want to see him go. Later that day, he came over to the house and explained his reasons for joining. He's very excited that he's going to get the opportunity to continue with school and that he'll be able to travel around the world. All I want for him is to be happy and safe. I just pray that he isn't sent overseas.

Stay tuned for a recap of my adventures!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Cherish the blessings you have and the time you get to spend with your family and friends on this special day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perhaps, 3rd Time is the Charm

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I've had a lot going on that I finally needed to vent some of my frustration out.

Back in January, the assistant to my boss offered me a position in which I'd be working directly for her. The job offer came at a good time because, as a student employee, the pay sucks. I gladly accepted the new position, for which I was to have started in February. Well, here's why I'm frustrated.

The person who offered me the position didn't realize that there was one more step to follow before submitting the paperwork to Human Resources. And because of the problems California is currently facing with its budget, this paperwork also has to go through one more channel: a meeting in which my boss has to attend. Well, yesterday I found out that this meeting has been rescheduled again, which makes this the 3rd time now!

As much as I appreciate the bosses assistant for thinking of me for this "promotion," I'm going to have to keep looking for something better and/or stable. I do realize that it may take a while to find a new job, but I intend to stay positive and I know I will eventually find something I'm well suited for.

Edit: I just got selected for an interview, which will take place next week. I pray that I do well because I've been asked to do a presentation during the interview and I'll admit that I've always shied away from doing public speaking!

Because my focus is currently on school and work, I'm going to need a day where I can just relax and have fun, so that's why a few friends and I are getting together in five weeks and driving down to Fresno to meet NKOTB, again! Yes, hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm and I will put away my shyness for one night so that I can actually have a real conversation with my crush, Jonathan Knight!

For those who have NEVER been to a New Kids show, what in the h*** are you thinking?! Kidding aside, you are totally missing out on two great hours of entertainment! And for those, like myself, who have already been to a few of their shows, well, we/I just can't get enough!

Below is a sneak peek--aka spoiler--of their first 2009 U.S. show from last Saturday! If you don't want to watch it, then turn away now! For the record, let me just say that I absolutely LOVE this song and can't wait to see it performed live soon--sans the thrusting performed in the original video (Video 1)! Enjoy! :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's something in the air...

And it stinks! Kidding aside, there must've been a full moon recently because I've been feeling all this negative energy around me. You see, I was the target of some good and bad rage. :(

A week ago, I was trying to catch the freeway on my way home. Mind you, I've always been a very careful driver. In fact, I've never received a ticket in my life! Anyway, I was in the correct lane to make the turn when this person tries to cut in front of me. First of all, she wasn't in the correct lane. Second, I had every right to proceed where I was since I was in the correct turning lane. As we eventually made it onto the freeway, somehow she wound up in front of me in the fast lane. I was pressed for time because I had to get home and eat dinner since I had to be in class in an hour. At one point, the other driver quickly brakes and proceeds. Did she do this on purpose? I don't know. So then I see her looking at her outside mirror and nodding her head. Then I notice that she's looking at her rear view mirror and giving me the peace sign. The two things that I can't tolerate in other drivers is carelessness or ones that don't pay attention. Well, at least she didn't give me "the finger"!

The second incident happened while I was at school. I had just gotten out of my second class and walked to my car to eat lunch since I had to be at work in an hour (I work on-campus). I'm minding my own business when I hear someone honking. I look in my rearview mirror and just ignore it. Finally, after like the third or fourth honk, I roll down my window and some woman is looking at me and says, "I was looking right at you waiting for you to pull out." I thought to myself, "Isn't it obvious that the reason I didn't pull out of the parking space was because I'm NOT going anywhere!" I told her, "I didn't see you and I'm NOT leaving!" She then quickly speeds away to find another parking space. The nerve of her to talk to me the way she did! It's like she wanted something handed to her and got mad because I wasn't going to give in! Unfortunately, the construction that's occurring at my school/work will continue on for the rest of the semester, so it doesn't look like the parking situation will get any better. In fact, it has gotten worse.

I hope the bad rage that so many people have had these days is over and done with because I can't tolerate conflict, especially at work, which is what I'm currently dealing with (another story for another time). 

Ok, so I'm done venting. I will update you with the happenings in my life soon! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day

Well, I personally wouldn't call it "happy," but others might.

February 14th is a day that I'm sure most single people would soon like to forget. I usually treat this day as just a regular day, but it's hard sometimes because you're constantly reminded that you don't have anyone special in your life. I will say this though: I am very appreciative of my family and friends!

So to all of you women out there, who are married, have a boyfriend or have a significant other: Happy Valentine's Day! And to those single women--like myself--who don't have a husband, boyfriend or significant other: Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday Vira

Today would have been my cousin, Vira's 47th birthday. Unfortunately, she passed away on October 12, 2006 from breast cancer.

Vira, I love you and miss you dearly!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Last week, a co-worker of mine--who happens to be the bosses assistant--asked for my personal e-mail address, so I gave it to her. My first thought was, "Ok, what did I do wrong?" A couple of minutes later, I opened the "confidential" e-mail, which stated that the boss told her that she could hire a part-time employee to take over some of the specific duties she shouldn't be doing. She told me that she was happy with my work and asked if I'd be interested in this position. The pay is actually a LOT better than what I'm currently making, which is music to my ears! In addition, I can still have the flexibility of taking classes, plus I could work a few extra hours. I told her that I was going to think about it and I'm actually supposed to meet with her this week to further discuss the job.

I'd say that within the last few months, I've been fortunate to have had some things happen to me, which I had hoped would lead me into fulfilling more of my goals this year. I have tried putting all my positive energy into finding a new job and, well, with the help of my vision board, I think things are starting to fall into place! Staying positive is something I will continue doing because I still have a few other goals I'd like to accomplish this year. :)

My winter break is over and I started classes again this week. I'm slowly getting into my two Anthropology classes because I've never been one to like anything associated with science (or math)! I haven't taken a science class in YEARS, so that's why I'm a little scared! What's funny is that one of my instructors is five years younger than me, so at least I can relate to her in that sense.

And what would my blog be without some NKOTB news! Recently, fans were e-mailed a message stating to "save the dates" for a very special event. Well, as many Blockheads had speculated, the event turned out to be a cruise!! The Block's ship will set sail from Florida to the Bahamas from May 15 - 18. When word got out that this event could be a cruise, I said, "There's definitely NO way I'm going!" Twenty years ago, the Kids did a "Magic Summer" cruise, which I didn't take part in because I couldn't afford it. Well, fast forward to the present and I still can't afford a cruise! I've never been on one before and yes, a trip to Florida (where I've always wanted to go) and the Bahamas (really, any island will do for me) would've been great, but I don't have the means nor the time to go. Actually, I have finals around those dates, so it was poor planning on their part! ;) No worries because I'm still holding out and saving my money for the upcoming tours in the spring and summer! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


When the word friends comes to mind, I think of Lucy and Ethel from "I Love Lucy" or "Laverne & Shirley." I once had a friend, who I used to share my favorite moments with up until about five years ago.

For a while now, I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about this subject, but it's been on my mind lately. Recently, a close relative of mine had become friends with this "former" friend of mine on a highly popular social networking website. What I found ironic was the fact that this friend, who was like a sister to me, never bothered to contact me. Honestly, I've known her forever and we used to do everything together, such as go out to dinner or go on vacation. My mother considers this friend's mother as one of her best friends. For my last birthday, her mother brought me flowers and my favorite dessert! I tried re-connecting with this friend two months prior to that--for her birthday--but never heard from her.

Rewind back to late April 2008, which was the last time I saw or had any contact with her. Since she had moved in with her boyfriend four years earlier, she had pretty much lost all contact with her closest friends. My feelings got slightly hurt this last time. We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant because we hadn't been in contact for several months. We started talking about different things and just as we were getting served, I told her that my first article was getting published. She didn't really say anything after that. I mean, I wasn't expecting her to say "congratulations," but I thought she'd be just a little happy for me. I mean, we were like sisters!

From what I've heard, she spends her time mostly traveling with her b/f (for pleasure and for his work--they both work for the same company) and following his hobbies or spending time with his parents (incidentally, her b/f is an only child). Occasionally, we'd see each other when her parents would invite my family over for parties (our families have known each other for over 30 years); however, at these functions, I often found myself having conversations with her brother because she was spending most of the time entertaining her b/f and his parents.

I truly feel that communication works both ways and I stopped communicating with her altogether when she no longer made the effort to stay in contact.

So the last couple of weeks I've been saying to myself, "I just can't believe she's communicated with...(my relative)." However, this morning the same thought came to mind when I opened my e-mail and noticed one from her! This is what she wrote:

Happy New Year! Long time no talk, I hope you had a great birthday and x-mas. I wanted to reconnect and do lunch or dinner. I've had so much going on at work and personally and now realize I have isolated myself from everyone.

Right now I'm thinking of what to write back to her. I don't want to come off as angry or hurt, but I'm uncertain if our friendship is salvageable. As the saying goes, "it's easy to forgive, but not to forget."