Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm the best candidate for the job!

About a week ago, I e-mailed a query to a local publication, which I've enjoyed reading over the years. In fact, a former employer of mine used to subscribe to this publication, so when I picked up the mail, I couldn't help but read it. So the Editor of this publication replied to my query e-mail & stated that the story I submitted could be a possibility for the May '08 issue. Boy, was I shocked! Finally, a possible "Yes"! She then proceeded to ask me for clips of stories I've written. I told her that I didn't have any clips because the only writing I've ever done is for my college English class. I went ahead and sent her a copy of two stories I had written, which I considered some of my best work. I went on to explain to her that I am a new writer [my instructor didn't want myself or my classmates to come off as 'students' in our queries] and that I didn't have any clips I could send her.

A day later, I received another response from the Editor. She told me to send her a rough draft of my story and that we'd go from there. She also added that the company is looking to hire an Assistant Editor & that I should take a look at the job description she had sent me and see if this would be something I'd be interested in. Is this a sign from God or what?! About two months ago, I had every intention of applying for an internship with this publication when I saw an ad in one of their issues, but I never had time to send off my résumé. Well, the opportunity finally arose last Friday when I e-mailed her my cover letter & résumé.

Well, it's been four days now and I still haven't heard from her. I hope she didn't think I was overqualified for the position. Also, I seem to read a lot into things and think that because I don't have certain qualifications--the job is requiring a degree in a related field--that maybe she's taking into account all of this. :( I've never been formally trained; however, at a very young age, I found that the English language and anything related to Journalism were my strong points. Even the career tests I took in college pointed me in the direction of Journalism! In fact, whenever I found myself in a work or school setting, my colleagues or classmates would often come to me for help because they knew I excelled in writing, proofreading, and editing. I know that everything can be learned while on-the-job, but does she [the Editor] want to hire someone who has a degree--which I'm working towards now--or has YEARS of experience?

I've relentlessly been working on the story I'm writing so I can have my instructor/adviser look at. Then the next step is to send it off as a rough draft to the Editor. In the meantime, I've got like 4 other school projects that I'm working on--with due dates looming--and an exam I'm not ready for--again--on Tuesday. :(

I'm going to let one more day pass and if I don't hear back from the Editor, I am going to e-mail her again because I am VERY interested in this job and I definitely think I'm the best candidate! :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Exciting Life of an Aspiring Writer

I'm finally closer to finishing my first Feature article for my Journalism/Magazine writing class. The article is coming right along. So while I was in class yesterday, I go to turn in what I think is my final draft to my instructor, only to find out that this is considered my "first draft" that I'm turning in! :( I've already typed up 7 other "first drafts" & now I'm working on my 8th, which is getting critiqued by my classmates next week. If I make it past 10, please sedate me! lol Oh, and I received my first rejection letter/e-mail for my Profile article. Oh well. Better luck next time!

I had a little excitement (Believe me because it's pretty rare when something exciting happens to me.) in my life yesterday, after work. As I was driving through town, who do I see going into his car to get something? Why it's "Mr. Cutie"! I rolled down my car window to get a better look, hoping he'd look my way--which he didn't. Anyway, all I can say is, "Wow!" :) My heart skipped a little bit when I saw him. Ok, so I've never actually spoken to "Mr. Cutie", but I really do want to! I just haven't found the perfect time to go into his place of biz to chat with him. I really don't want to go in alone, unless I'm in a hurry & only looking to get a quick bite to eat.

Ok, I must go now and wipe the rest of the drool off my mouth, as well as finish up some homework! Yes, another Friday night being well spent. :(

Friday, October 5, 2007

Being at the right place, at the right time

So I wandered in to my local Office Depot yesterday to buy a few things. As I am perusing the calendar section, I see this really cute guy out of the corner of my eye. Where did he come from?! As I proceed to the pencil aisle {where there are so...many to choose from}, I see the cutie walking towards me, so I make eye contact [he had the nicest blue eyes] & smile. I think he must've had a lot going on in his mind because all I got was a pleasant smirk out of him. Anyway, so I proceed to ask an employee if they have any '07/'08 calendars in stock & he regretfully tells me "no." So I walk to the check-out stand and within a few minutes later, I see Mr. Cutie coming towards me! He is standing right behind me! What do I do?! Do I say anything, like, "Hello"? Nothing came out of my mouth. :( Nonetheless, I managed to check his left hand/4th finger, to see if he was wearing a wedding band. Nope, no band! I know this really doesn't mean anything because some guys are married & don't wear their ring, but, hey, it was worth a shot! So both of us are standing there waiting our turns when finally it's my turn. The cashier rings up my purchase (ink, monthly planner & 3 mechanical pencils--which I swore I would never buy until I finished using all of my regular, old school, #2 pencils!) & when she tells me the amount, I hurry to find enough cash, which I end up giving her most of it. As she takes my moolah, she closes her drawer before she can give me my change. I start to get this feeling that she's new. So as soon as I get my change, I leave. I get in my car and because I'm really curious, I decide to kill a few minutes until Mr. Cutie walks out of the store with his purchases. Well, he makes his way out with his exec. chair & file folders. Hmm...must be for his home office. As I begin to pull out of the parking lot (we're parked on opposite sides of each other), he pulls out at the same time. Well, he sees that I'm pulling out, so he gives me the go-ahead. I wish I would've motioned "thanks", but I didn't. I hurry out of the parking lot only to notice that he went the other way. As our cars were about to meet @ the stoplight, I made a sharp right @ the light & headed north. Ok, I think I lost him for good. :( Yet again, I missed another opportunity to talk to some random, cute guy just because I'm so damn shy!

I'm finally on the freeway heading north--to go home. As I get off @ the central exit, I see that two cars behind me is Mr. Cutie. Is he following me?! As the truck right behind me makes a turn, Mr. Cutie is literally right in back of me! I think to myself, "Is that really him?" As we both proceed to drive, I notice that he's still right behind me, until he turns into what I think is a parking lot. Well, now I really lost him for good. :( I'm still curious {that's the journalist in me}, so I drive once around the entire block and look for his car. A-ha! I see that it's parked off the street. I then start putting 2+2 together and realize that I've seen Mr. Cutie before.

I start searching the Internet {yes, I am an aspiring journalist/writer} & type in a few keywords, only to find out that he is affiliated with an art gallery here in town. It turns out that he's one of the bosses, so he was buying stuff for work. This guy looked really young (I say young because he looks around my age or a little older!) to be a business owner, but, hey, all the power to him.

Hmm...I say that one of these days--when I'm not swamped with homework--I'll have to make my way over to where he works, and say hello. Hopefully, I haven't missed another opportunity at finding "Mr. You-Know-Who"! :)