Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today I celebrate another birthday. I really don't feel any different than before. I haven't noticed any new wrinkles, though I'm sure there's a gray hair or two hiding somewhere. :( I do know that I have lost a few pounds within the last week or so. It must be from all the STRESS that I've been dealing with lately.

On this birthday milestone, I'm making a few wishes and they are: To be happy, to have good health, to have luck in finding a permanent job, and to hopefully meet "Mr. Right"! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Does fate exist?

As I was driving home about an hour ago, I had to come to a complete stop because this guy was jogging/crossing the street. As I sat in my car, I tried to get a better look at this guy, who was wearing a gold, long sleeve shirt, shorts, and a baseball cap. I then asked myself, "Is that Mr. Cutie?!" I tried following him in the direction he was jogging, but I ended up driving back the opposite way & through some other streets. When I came back to the route I was originally on, I lost him. :(

As much as I've been wanting to, I haven't had a chance to stop by "Mr. Cutie's" biz. It'll probably come down to me just going in there alone and ordering some lunch. Wait! I just had a brilliant idea! I haven't kept up with my exercise routine in a while, so I may go for a walk or run this weekend/week. What are the chances that I'll run into him then?! I've got to plan out my strategy!

So my interview with the publication went very well. It was a casual environment and the Editor and Managing Editor were chatting to me like we had all been friends for years. It turns out that the Editor is an acquaintance of my ex-co-worker (DD). I would really LOVE to work at this publication because it would give me the opportunity to learn so much and gain more experience. I hope that the two women that interviewed me saw that I was really interested in the job, despite not having a degree.

I've always enjoyed writing and editing. Though I don't have the formal training yet, it's been one of my strengths since I was a child & it's something that I'll always love doing! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Think positive!

Well, I finally heard back from the Editor of the publication that I e-mailed my Profile/story query to. My job interview is scheduled for next Wed. and she requested that I bring a few writing samples. The only samples I have are essays that I wrote in my college English class, which I think are fairly good. I'm just so excited at the fact that I might have a chance of getting this job!

Ok, so I have about 6-9 pending school projects that I'm working on (no, I am not kidding)! Two or three are almost done, but not quite. And then I have another deadline or two looming in 2-3 weeks! :( I am making myself a promise: I am NO longer going to take on more than I should! What this means is that I'm not taking more than 2 classes each semester because it's just way too much! Besides, I need my sanity & I need to be making $$ too!

I still haven't had time to "accidentally" stop by Mr. Cutie's place of business yet. :( I may call up a friend of mine to see if she wants to chat and hang out at his business. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've seen this friend. It's funny how you're friends with someone and you both live in the same town/city, yet you never ever actually get to see them! ;)