Monday, January 16, 2012

Love in 2012 May be Closer Than You Think in the new year love will be closer than I might think. Well, I guess I'll have to see it to believe it! As far as I've seen, it's really 'slim pickens' around here. And I have no plans to move to any of the cities listed on the above link. ;-)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories of 2011 & welcoming 2012...with sad news

Photo courtesy of 'todaynewz' website

Well, 2011 came and went just like that. I just wanted to mention a few highlights that took place in my life in 2011, which made this year quite awesome and sad at the same time.

Earlier this year, I had a few stories published via a popular California blog. It was a voluntary position, but needless to say that I got my name out there and can now add these works to my resume.

In July, a friend and I attended one of The Monkees 45th Anniversary concert and were excited that we finally got to meet one-third (Micky, Davy and Peter) of the band after the show. It was always a dream of mine to meet them and I finally fulfilled this childhood dream!

About three months ago, I connected or crossed paths with the son of a former teen idol and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recipient. In fact, this person's entire family is in show business, but he's taken a backseat to his career (he's the lead vocalist of his own band) to help manage the family business. Needless to say that I may get an opportunity to interview him soon, which will help me cross off another goal of mine off my bucket list!

My family (minus my brother, my oldest niece and my nephew) and I spent New Year's Eve celebrating with my cousin and her family. We had a great time eating, playing multiple games of bingo, playing with my cousin's 3-year-old granddaughter and making googly faces at my cousin's other granddaughter, who's 5-month-old. I seriously just wanted to pinch my baby niece's/cousin's chubby cheeks! :-)

Unfortunately, sad news came today via one of my maternal uncles. He called to tell my mother that their only surviving sister, who visited my family in late August/early Sept. 2011, suffered a stroke around Christmas. This comes only four months after my mother lost her other older sister. My mother and aunt almost always spoke on a weekly basis. My mother last spoke to her about two days before Christmas. Well, my mother received an update about her sister this afternoon and it doesn't look good. :-( My aunt is in a coma and her family believes that she only has a few more days to live.

Personally, before I had heard the news about my aunt's health, I was intending and wishing that 2012 would bring my entire family and friends happiness, peace, good health & prosperity. Sadly, 2011 has been awful with regards to health, especially for two of my cousins and now my aunt.

I really thought the new year was going to begin with some positive news. Unfortunately, it has been the opposite. Now I'm just dreading the inevitable call that my family will be receiving any day now.

*Jan. 2nd: We got the call. My aunt passed away last night. ;-(