Sunday, August 25, 2013

Giving Up...and the Silver Lining That Came Soon After

I'm so disappointed in the educational system. No wonder students get discouraged and often give up on fulfilling their dreams or goals. It’s because schools (i.e. in this case, colleges) make it difficult for them to finish...especially if it takes them a bit longer to complete their education.

I remember watching the film Admission with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey, and after the film, my friend and I discussed it and the reality of the college/university system. As my friend said, “It’s a business. You’re just a number to them.” What she meant was that they don’t care about you. Unfortunately, this message has resonated with me all too well, especially this year.

Several weeks ago, I received another letter from my school in which they--once again--rejected me. Rejection seems to be following me everywhere lately. :(

Within a few days and after I received my millionth rejection, I received some good news. I received a call that I wasn't expecting. Since last December, I've volunteered at this business where I live. Usually I'm only there on Sundays. Well, one of the employees I worked with, who recently left her permanent position there, recommended me for a permanent part-time job there. The new admin. assistant called me saying that "L" referred me and thought I'd be interested in the position, which would now include Saturdays. I told her YES and accepted the position!

I wasn't anticipating being busy every single day of the week! I'm at my internship three days a week, I attend class twice a week and now I work on the weekends. Because I didn't have a real vacation this summer, I'm already asking, "Is it December yet?!  ;-)

Just when I thought everything was going in the wrong direction, a silver lining appeared. I'm blessed and grateful to have been given another (new) opportunity. I just hope I can keep up with everything!