Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Times Are a Changing & Good News

It’s funny how when you get older, some of the things that you used to love doing, say a few years ago, really don’t mean as much to you as they once did. Personally, my priorities have shifted 100% and I just want to enjoy different adventures, opportunities and new milestones, as well as spend much time with my family and close friends. :) So per my previous post, I was hoping to land a job with a local publishing company. After thinking about it some more, it dawned on me later how I probably wouldn't have been a good fit for it because although it would've involved writing, an integral part of the company consisted of being immersed in something I don't really know much about. Thankfully, the company never called me.

Around this same time, I was feeling sort of down and hopeless that my job prospects were getting very slim. Well, a few days later, I had come home from my evening class when decided to check my email. When I opened it, I noticed I had received an email from a woman I had emailed like a week prior. One of my Journalism classmates is currently working for this woman and is writing for a section of the major newspaper company that's located in our area. Anyway, I had sent my cover letter to this woman--the editor of the section--and what she basically said in the email was to not give up on her, that she was busy, but that she was interested in talking to me and would be in touch soon. A few days later while I was helping with the production of the school newspaper, I received a call from the editor. She'd like to meet with me and discuss potentially writing for what I had proposed in my cover letter.

So last Monday, the editor and I met and she asked me about my Journalism experience as I handed her my portfolio, which included clips of some of the articles and stories I've had published. So a day later, she calls me and asks if I'd be interested in taking on an assignment where I live. The deal was that I'd attend an event and I'd have to submit the story the same day so it could get posted on the newspaper's website. Well, it turns out that it didn't get posted until the following day. Anyway, so I'm happy to say that I'm currently freelancing as a correspondent for this company! :) The editor had mentioned during our meeting that she currently has someone working as a permanent correspondent for this section of the paper. If this person decides this job isn't for her, then she said she could offer me the position. However, the one slight problem I see with this is that the job is full-time and as I told her, I'm really adamant in finishing my college education. Well, if I ever have to cross that bridge, then I'll deal with it then. As for now, I just want to enjoy the work I'm doing.

So in other news fronts, Mr. Theatre tweets every now and then, but just not to me (ok, so he did tweet me back that one and only time). :( I had no clue who he was until I saw him in the play he was performing in at my college back in March. When I saw him make his appearance onto the stage, I said to myself, "Who is that?!" :) Anyway, he's getting ready to leave Southern California and head back to his home in the UK (he's originally from the U.S.) in a few weeks. He and the other two actors (their company's main office is located within my county) in the play are taking the show to London for several weeks and will be performing it live in and around that area.

Speaking of plays, Mr. Theatre and the other two actors did an AMAZING job in the play they performed at my college a month ago! They're all gifted, talented actors and I don't know why I never caught one of their shows before. I guess it could also be because they only play select cities throughout the U.S.--as well as other countries--with sometimes a different set of actors, including an actor friend/former colleague of mine.

The story about my trip to L.A. last month will have to wait for the next blog post because right now I'm trying to balance posting this, as well as transcribing a one-hour lecture I attended last week for a story I'm writing for my section of the school newspaper, as well as work on some questions for an interview I'm conducting tomorrow for another story for the school newspaper AND work on 2 new stories for the newspaper I'm freelancing for. Boy, I cannot wait until the end of the semester, which is in a matter of 3 weeks! :) I just want to be able to relax and catch up on some personal tasks I've had to put off.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Positive thoughts...please!

I'm inundated with trying to work on two new stories, as well as on some other tedious (ugh...Math!) homework, but I'm in dire need of editing my resume right now after having to put it off for about a week or so. Well now I just noticed a new job posting for a position I'd be perfect for! Plus it looks like it may be flexible and the location is ideal. Speaking of flexibility, I need it desperately in my schedule since I'm still working on finishing up my college degrees.

I'm going to put all my intentions out there for manifesting and receiving positive thoughts because I really want and need this job! :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Latest Update

First of all, I need to get something off my chest. Why do most all cute guys always go for the younger, cute girls? :-( I guess that's the story of my life. Ok, I'm getting off my soapbox now.

I've been trying to update my blog for the last 3 weeks, but I haven't had a chance to. I'll be trying to post an update soon about two things that happened to me last month: 1) during my trip to Southern California and 2) that took place at my school.

Also, there's a new crush alert (see item #2 above). For now, I'll only refer to him as Mr. Actor or aka Mr. Theatre. I think he can be best categorized as being a non-celeb and/or maybe a 'D' or 'E' celeb. ;-) Anyway, now that he's my friend (we actually have 1 friend and 1 acquaintance in common) on two social networking sites, I have to be mum about this crush on those sites because that's all it is--nothing more.

More later.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Davy Jones Tribute Show in NYC - 4/3/2012

Here's a link to the Davy Jones Tribute show that was held in NYC last night. Members of Davy's and the Monkees' band were in attendance, as were Micky, Peter, two of Davy's daughters, Talia and Annabel Jones, Deana Martin (Dean's daughter and Davy's former girlfriend, who appeared in an episode of 'The Monkees' during the final season) and many other of Davy's friends and fans.

Below is one of my favorite videos from last night's show, which a fan was so kind enough to take. It brought me to tears when I saw Micky crying as he performed "Daydream Believer."

Flashback Wednesday

This song just came up in my Pandora station. The title of the song explains the feeling some people get right on the spot when they see someone they're attracted to.