Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Summer Break is Over!

All good things must come to end and that's the case for my summer break. :( This was the main reason why I've been MIA for a few months. I needed some ME time and I definitely got a lot of it!

During my break, which started in late May, I found myself reuniting with three childhood friends. I've known "S" & "C" since the fourth grade and I've known "I" forever (our parents have been very good friends for many years)! We literally haven't seen each other (with the exception of I & S) since high school graduation. We all agreed to get together for dinner one evening and well, the rest is history (or in this case, HERstory)! It's like our friendship resumed where we left off many years ago. During this time, C mentioned that she wanted to try Zumba, so I went along with her and gave it a try. It's a good workout and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, I injured my lower back, which was likely a result of the strenuous exercise plus stress, which lately is a never-ending saga with me. Anyway, about a week later and after having consulted with a chiropractor, my back felt much better. I returned to doing Zumba two weeks later, but shortly thereafter my membership expired. I'd love to go back and do it on a regular basis, but right now it's just not possible. In the meantime, C and I have taken up hiking and will continue to go when we can.

In addition to getting back to an exercise routine this summer, I've been trying to finish a few cleaning projects, which I hadn't been able to do since I've been in school. I still have a few more things to go through and will get back to it during a well deserved break!

Earlier this month, my family--minus my oldest niece--got together and celebrated my sister's 50th birthday by taking her out to lunch. My nephew (my sister's son), who was on leave from the Air Force, was even able to make it. We drove to a neighboring city and enjoyed a delicious lunch outside on what turned out to be a gorgeous day!

Lastly, I finally went back to school last week and let's just say that I'm glad that week is over with! Stress took over the best of me (yet again), but a few days ago I started noticing that things are slowly starting to fall into place. :) This semester is going to keep me quite busy, but I'm looking forward to what could happen as a result of taking the "fun" class!