Monday, June 25, 2012

Love Island

Such a beautiful island! I'd love to be stuck here! Hmmm...what 'can't live without' items would I bring with me? I wonder if the Love Boat travels here. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A bad day turned into a better day

Last night after having watched the movie "Something Borrowed," I started feeling sort of sad and depressed. There was a quote or line in the movie where Ginnifer Goodwin's character 'Rachel' told something to Colin Egglefield's character 'Dex' which sort of resonated with me and the things I've been feeling lately.

I know I sometimes sound like a broken record, but I feel like I haven't accomplished everything I've wanted to in my life. However, there are certain things I don't have that I can't do anything about because they're totally out of my control. I wish I knew how to handle these types of situations because I feel like I'm totally clueless sometimes. I also want to make some improvements in my life, including being more outgoing, but there are just some things I would prefer not tackling alone. Then again, I came into this world alone, so I'm going to have to teach myself not to be afraid of taking the next step in trying to find what it is I'm looking for.

After having returned from brunch with my family--to celebrate a belated Father's Day and my mother's birthday--I noticed my crush tweeted me, which was in response to a general statement I posted yesterday about a movie (NOT the same film I spoke about here in this blog) I had seen the day before, which he was in and that meant a lot to him, which also happens to be one of my favorite films. Anyway, I had no idea he had a supporting part in the film. After he responded again, my disposition turned from bad to better. :)

In retrospect, I just have to keep reminding myself to think positive and have faith that everything will get day.

"Sometimes you just have to forget about the things that make you sad and remember the things or people who bring joy into your life." ~Me

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fast Forward Friday

Typically on Fridays I like to post a 'Flashback Friday' video on my FB page, but today I decided to post a video here for what I like to call 'Fast Forward Friday'...which will consist of a current song rocking the airwaves.

You can never go wrong with a Kylie Minogue song! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twitter: The Pros and Cons

As some of you may already know, Twitter is a social networking site that lets you connect with various people...either with your similar interests or who are in the same line of business as you are. When I first joined Twitter about three years ago, I thought to myself, "What is all the fuss about?" Well, after you receive a tweet/reply back or a direct message from one of your favorite artists/actors/singers/TV personality/authors, etc., on this website, well, I can totally understand now what all the hysteria is about!

I'll admit that Twitter has its good points and its bad points. Some bad points are that you'll get a bunch of spam on your timeline--either from other followers who demand their favorite artist's or musician's attention--or you'll receive a RT (retweet) from someone you don't know--especially if your Twitter page is not private--only because a certain celebrity has replied back to you and now every other fan of his/hers believes you're good friends with him/her, or when you see a friend or an acquaintance post something on there, such as a rant, and as you read it you might think it's a subliminal message being directed towards you.

The good points about Twitter is that you can read some of your friends'/acquaintances' replies--and some of them are funny or outrageous--and laugh your head off, or you can rant and rave all you want without involving any of your nosy relatives--who you only interact with on Facebook because you don't want them knowing about your other life on Twitter--or you tweet/reply to one of your favorite actors/actresses/musicians/authors, etc., in the hope that they see your reply--since there's a 100% chance they're not following you--and then you receive a tweet back from him/her not once, but twice--which happened to me about a week ago with one of my favorite actors! :)

One of the other perks is when you receive a tweet/reply back from one of your favorite peeps, such as a crush. Even though he may be following you and might be busy doing something else, you never know when he'll tweet you mine did to me several hours ago. :-) These, by far, are my favorite type of tweets!

I sometimes like to refer to Twitter as the biggest fan letter I never wrote during my childhood to that once popular celebrity I used to like and now he/she can sometimes see my reply and tweet/write me back! LOL!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My High School Reunion Saga

Well, my high school reunion is almost a month away and my classmates and I still have yet to receive any information on tickets and how much. Several classmates have been leaving posts in our FB reunion page asking if there's actually going to be a reunion and wanting to know where they can purchase tickets. All this information should've been given to us at least 2-3 months ago. I know it's no easy feat planning a reunion, but the organizer should have the decency to communicate with us and let us know what's going on. As far as we know, we have a date, time and we know the organizer placed a deposit down on a location.

*Side note: About a day or so after I started writing this post, our reunion organizer posted a link to our FB reunion page of a website she had created where we can purchase reunion tickets. And today she posted another message in our reunion page reminding us not to forget to buy our tickets because the price will go up once the date gets closer.

I find it ironic that we don't hear from the organizer for months and then the day after people are complaining, she posts a message with what we're asking for! And now she's constantly reminding us about buying our tickets. Yes 'S,' we hear you loud and clear that you want to be reimbursed for putting a deposit down to rent the facility where the reunion will be held!

Just another reminder that our class was NEVER organized and some things will NEVER change!

*Side note #2: Drama is ensuing regarding this reunion! Needless to say, some classmates are having second thoughts about attending the reunion. Seriously, some people NEVER grow up! I'm so glad I was never part of any clique nor was I a follower in high school. Also, the organizer is going to great lengths to get our classmates to attend this reunion. She's being very pushy with her posts, constantly reminding classmates about buying their tickets. I just nod my head and say, "Enough already!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting Older and Thinking About The Future

Yesterday was not a good day for me. In the midst of dealing with people who don't value friendships, I started thinking about my future (again) and the things I feel that I haven't accomplished. I had a good cry for about an hour and then I buried myself in doing some work. I despise dealing with negative energy, but it was just beyond my control.

I'm approaching a milestone birthday this fall and everything that I didn't get to experience as a child, as a teenager, or as a young adult, well, it all came to mind last night. I'll give you an example: I never attended any of the school dances nor my two proms. It's not that I had any desire to attend them, but no guy ever asked me to go. In addition, I was really shy back then, but I didn't have any problem talking to others once I got to know them better.

Now that I'm getting older, I have a better perspective of life (I know I might sound like a broken record here, but I don't care) and I know that everything happens for a reason. I've found that you have to rely on your faith and the fact that God has everything planned out for you. In the past, I've made intentions that if I'm not meant to be in a relationship then I'll have to (learn to) accept it. I've also made intentions of wanting a successful career/employment, which means that I haven't really dedicated myself nor have I focused on anything else that I want in my life. There are also times when I think to myself that I'm better off alone or independent because then I won't have to deal with someone else's baggage (i.e. crap). Then I start over-analyzing why I'm not good enough for someone...then only later to start telling myself that that other person will have to accept me for me.

The relationship versus non-relationship talk usually occurs whenever one particular female cousin of mine from So Cal (who's two years older than me, who hasn't had much luck with men either...only up until about a year ago) asks or when one of my brother's good friends (i.e. a woman about a year older than me) interrogates me. Seriously, mind your own business! If I want to tell you, I will. Basically, whenever a question like this arises, I tell them the truth and move on. Sometimes what I really want to tell them is that I'm NOT desperate and that I will NOT settle for anyone or anything!

There are still many things I'd like to experience in life, like traveling more, writing a book, etc. I've been accustomed to not having much in my life and I know some of these things might have to wait a little while longer, but I'm patient person. I will leave everything in God's hands.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's Rant: Rude People & Convenient Friendships

Not much irritates me these days, but today takes the cake. I'm not sure if there's a full moon out tonight, but a few things happened today that really just put me over the edge.

When you offer your hospitality to someone who you've just met because they're good friends with a relative of yours and then months later you find out that that person decides to cut / break all ties with you altogether, then I take it as an insult. I mean, I just think that person is rude and ignorant. Thankfully, he/she won't be welcomed back anymore.

Then a few hours later, a so-called friend texts me to say that she and another friend, who I've known a lot longer than the other one, are in (my) town and told me to come over and meet them at a nearby hotel because there's some festival that's being held there. As I've told both of them in the past, I don't like it when someone invites me to an event at the very last minute. I feel that I wasn't important enough to be 'invited' in the first place, plus I may have other things I'm doing. Also, posting photos on Facebook of your food or dessert that you ate just before the event and NOT inviting me to meet you for dinner either...well, that just isn't going to put you on my good side either. After I told the so-called friend that I'd appreciate it if next time she give me more advance notice, she replied back with a snarky comment that doesn't deserve a reply back.

I'm clearly NOT a fan of convenient friendships. I'm a loyal friend until you give me a good reason to not remain your friend. I think the friendship advice I received from my mother many years ago still holds truth, especially after tonight.    

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Are They Now?

Have you ever wondered what happened to a crush of yours from your childhood? Well, my answer is yes and it looks like my continuing saga of discussing celebrity crushes is back again; however, this one was a real special one.

In the early 1970s, child actor Lee Harcourt Montgomery began his career in the entertainment world. He appeared in the Disney movie, "The Million Dollar Duck" and then in other countless movies, like "Pete and Tillie"--with Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett playing the title roles--and "Ben," in which a young Michael Jackson sang the theme song to. As Lee grew older, he continued acting and appeared in more films, and did some guest stints on TV shows like "Fame," "Family Ties" and "Highway to Heaven."

In spring 1985, a film was released about teens competing in a dance competition titled Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It starred five unknown actors at the time: Sarah Jessica Parker (from TV's "Square Pegs"), Helen Hunt (from "Mad About You"), Jonathan Silverman (from "Weekend at Bernie's"), Shannen Doherty (from of "Little House on the Prairie" and "Beverly Hills, 90210") and Lee Montgomery. I had developed a huge crush on Lee when I saw him guest star in a TV movie titled "Happy Endings." Two years later, he was cast in GJWTHF. My crush was so bad that I used to rent GJWTHF like every week or weekend! Thankfully, many years later I got my hands on a copy of the film.

A few years after GJWTHF was released, I had read a rumor in a teen magazine that Lee had gotten married. I'm not sure if this was true, but nonetheless I was heartbroken. Shortly thereafter, he completely left show business altogether.

Several years ago, my curiosity got to me, so I poked around online to see if there were any sightings of the elusive Mr. Montgomery. I couldn't find anything about him on his sister Belinda's website and his other sister, Tannis, hadn't garnered much fame compared to Belinda and Lee. I then viewed Lee's page on and it indicated that he was a music composer for films. In 2002, he composed music for the films "Legend of the Phantom Rider (aka Trigon: The Legend of Pelgidium)" and 2005's "Trespasses," but as far as Lee's acting career, he has not acted in over 24 years. So this curious writer/journalist wants to know what he's been up to these days? Is he still composing music? Will he ever return to acting?

Recently, I poked around online again and did a search for him and came up with three 'new' search entries, including one by a friend of Lee's, one by another blogger who posted a tribute blog to Lee and another search that mentioned that he'll be making a public appearance sometime this year. Now if I can somehow attend the event he'll be at then I'll be a happy girl! I mean, after all these years, I'd still love to meet him! I'm crossing my fingers I can make this wish a reality! :)

Here's a favorite scene of mine from GJWTHF:

And here's the final scene, one of my other favorites:

Sad Day

My crush left today to return home, which is on the other side of the United States. Apparently, he had been staying here in the U.S. (i.e. Los Angeles) for close to a year now, likely doing different acting gigs and teaching acting...more notably with the acting company he did the performance with back in March.

After much deliberation for the last three days or so, I emailed my crush through Facebook as opposed to leaving a message on his website or sending him a direct message through Twitter, because as we all know, sometimes you have much more things to tell someone that surpasses 140 characters!

What I basically said in the message was that I could kick myself for not having introduced myself and said hello to him after his show in March. I mentioned that I tend to be a little shy, but that once I get to know you then it's all good. In fact, I told him to ask our mutual friend, who's known me for several years now. Then I told him not to ask our mutual friend after all because he might tell him otherwise. ;) I ended the message by asking him if he was planning on returning to the U.S. either at the end of the year or next year and I told him that the next time I see him that I wouldn't be so shy. Well, I think he messaged me back a few hours ago, but I don't have the guts to open the message up right now since I'm working on some other things.

Seriously, my problem when it comes to guys I'm attracted to is that I can't talk to them! :-( I mean, meeting Jonathan Knight with the New Kids was a whole different experience. I thought for sure I'd choke up and mince my words when I met him and the others. Ok, so I was shy when I met The Monkees last summer, but that's only because I've loved them since I was 3.5-years-old. I mean, my Davy crush was over with by the time I was 6-years-old! But saying hello to a guy who you've never even met before, but who you've only heard good things (i.e. friendly, nice, down-to-earth) about, well, I have a slight problem with that. UGH!!

Honestly, all I'm looking for is a friendship with this guy. I'm not expecting anything else. Unfortunately, anything else would be difficult because he lives in a different continent. But you know, there is this form of communication that is called the Internet. ;-)