Thursday, February 28, 2008

Male Drivers

There's a lot one could say about male drivers, young or old. I personally have a dislike for them (with the exception of all my close male relatives)!

They think they own the entire road. Today, I was in the right lane to catch the freeway when suddenly a young, male driver moves from the left lane onto my lane--cutting right in front of me! I can't even recall if he turned his turn signals on or not. About 20 minutes later, as I was nearing my exit to come home, this other guy, who was driving a green, sporty Buick, was tailgating me! No wonder their insurance premiums are so high!

Ok, I'll get off my "soapbox" for now.

Another missed opportunity

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the editor of the publication that's publishing my story. She wanted to know if I'd be interested in taking on a project. The project consisted of writing 5 mini profiles for their upcoming "Best Of" issue. As much as I'd love the opportunity to get more writing experience, I really don't have time right now (maybe I could've written like two). They were willing to pay me for it too!

The reason I couldn't do it was because of my stupid Math/Intermediate Algebra class, which has tried to take over my brain, but hasn't succeeded. :( If I ever come back in another life, it'll probably be as a mathematician!

* Side note: Today I received a 2nd e-mail from the editor stating that she was anxious, so she ended up giving the project to someone else. Whew!! That's a load off my back. Either they really like me or they just need some new "blood" (i.e. writers).

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cool Quote

I couldn't let this recent article about "Mr. Hottie", aka Michael Vartan, slip on by!

Earlier this month, Michael Vartan was asked about his former co-star Jennifer Lopez's impending motherhood (she actually gave birth three days ago). As you may recall, J-Lo played Vartan's love interest in the movie "Monster-in-Law." He said that he was confident that she wouldn't end up like the "nightmare mama" that Jane Fonda portrayed in the movie. He stated, "I think she'll be a wonderful mom," and believes she can thank her roots for that. "I think Latin women have the key...very emotional, very nurturing. You always hear about big Latin families and how close-knit they are."

I knew there was a reason I liked this guy! How can you not with those mesmerizing green eyes?! ;)

On a sad note: I recently read that Varty's show, "Big Shots", got cancelled. I'm hopeful that he'll soon be back on either the small or big screen.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Un-Valentine's Day

I've never really been too fond of February 14th. A lot of people take advantage of this day to shower their loved ones with gifts and tell them how much he/she loves them.

I remember those days in elementary school when classmates would leave Valentine cards on my desk. I felt extra special when the card came with candy hearts. But then there were those times when I didn't receive any candy, which made me feel like I wasn't worthy. :(

The fact of the matter is that this day is a reminder for single folks--like myself--that we don't have a significant other; therefore, it's a day that we'd all soon like to forget!! I really wish people would treat it just like any other day. I think the quote below sums it up best:

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Top 5 List

I was recently thinking about Letterman's Top 10 list and decided to come up with my own special list. Here's my Top 5 List of Cuties! They are in no particular order.

1) Michael Vartan. As "Agent Michael Vaughn" in "Alias", he was the cutie who helped get rid of the bad guys. I can't recall ever missing an episode of this show. I mean, who wouldn't be mesmerized by those cute dimples and green eyes?! I so much wanted to be "Agent Sydney Bristow" because she ended up with "Vaughn," who was the "good guy." Btw, MV actually did date his co-star, Jennifer Garner. We all know who she ended up with in real-life: another cutie! I first noticed MV when he played Drew Barrymore's teacher/love interest in "Never Been Kissed." He can now be seen on "Big Shots", which has been dubbed as a "Sex in the City" for guys.

2) Carter Oosterhouse. I first saw this tall, dark and good-looking carpenter on "Trading Spaces." He's been featured in some commercials and is also the spokesman for Nautica Voyage cologne. I wonder if he'd ever be willing to travel to Nor Cal to do some remodeling. He now has his own show on the HGTV network, aptly titled "Carter Can." Carter definitely does it well and yes, he does know his stuff! :)

3) Martin Henderson. He's the Australian cutie in those new Cadillac commercials, in which he's driving through a tunnel late at night. He's also appeared in numerous other films, such as "A Piece of My Heart" and "Smokin' Aces". Incidentally, Martin was a very close friend of Heath Ledger's, may Heath rest in peace.

4) Eduardo Verastegui. Looking into his green eyes just makes you want to melt! In 2007, he starred and produced his first independent movie called "Bella." He used to be in a Latin singing group several years ago (and no, it wasn't Menudo! Incidentally, that was the group Ricky Martin was in, and yes, I had a small crush on him too, back in the day!) and then became an actor, mostly appearing in telenovelas. His first big break was in the movie "Chasing Papi", in which he played "Papi."

5) Rob Marciano. This meteorologist has been diligently working for CNN for quite some time. He may not be on the air all the time, but I think he deserves some recognition.

Honorable mention goes to Jonathan Knight, formerly of the singing group NKOTB. This hazel-eyed cutie has been out of the limelight, off-and-on, for about 14 years. His last known TV appearance was on "Oprah" in 2001, where he discussed his problems with panic attacks, which was the main reason for him leaving the group in 1994. This "New Kid"--I mean man--is almost 40, but he doesn't look a day over 25! Just recently, there has been some talk that the "Kids" are finally reuniting and working on a new CD. If this is true, I am so there! :)

I'm sure I'll come up with another list of cuties that "People" magazine should use to nominate for the "Most Sexiest Man"! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Night Not to Remember

I thought it would be nice to get a few friends together for a night out in the town. The whole purpose of the night was to catch up over dinner at "the Bear." Then after dinner, we planned on heading over to "Mr. Cutie's" café to hear some music by a local artist, who was an alum from our high school. I called my friend Jen to give her the details only to find out that she wasn't going to make it because her grandmother had just passed away that morning. A few hours later, my friend Heather called me to say that she had caught a cold and didn't feel well to make the drive up. Finally, my niece called to cancel too because she didn't want to make the 30 minute drive in the rain. That only left my friend Angelica, who hadn't canceled!

Angelica and I both arrived at the same time. I told her that the others couldn't make it and that I was grateful that she had made it. In spite of having to wait 30 mins. to be seated, we had a nice dinner and good conversation. Usually this restaurant is packed with people around dinner time, but I suppose that since it was raining and cold, no one wanted to go out. Needless to say, we finished dinner in about 1.5 hours. We still had 45 mins. left until the concert, so we took our time walking over to the next block and towards "Mr. QT's" café.

When we got to "QT's" place, there were already a bunch of people there. The place is really small and there's very limited seating. We were sort of hesitant to go in at first, but as soon as the musician's father went inside, I said a quick "hello" to him and followed him inside. Coincidentally, the musician's father is my doctor! As we entered, there was literally no where to sit, so Angelica and I picked a corner to stand against. At one point, I sort of felt out of place being there and I think she did too. I think I felt this way because this isn't typically my scene.

Several moments passed and Angelica asks me if my crush was here. I don't see him anywhere. About 30 minutes pass and guess who shows up? Yes, it's "Mr. Cutie"! My heart literally began doing somersaults. Oh, but wait! He's NOT alone! :( I see this 20-something (25, perhaps?) brunette right behind him. They literally walked right past us and then made their way right behind us, behind the cash register! At one point, "Mr. Cutie" must have gone to the other side of the café or into his office because I then noticed the 20-something brunette was standing by herself beside the side entrance. I think she felt like an outsider and I got the feeling that this could've been their first date. About 15 mins. later, I asked Angelica if she wanted to leave now and she agreed. As we walked towards the side entrance, the 20-something brunette was blocking our path, but pleasantly moved out of our way. As we walked several feet away, I jokingly told Angelica that I should have said something like, "Get out of our way, "Bee-atch"! ;) She laughed!

My friend gave me her honest opinion, yet tried consoling me at the same time. She said, "That girl looks a little too young, like she's about 23." She then added, "You don't want someone preppy..." As we made our way further, I said to her, "Well, it's not like that girl has a ring on her finger," meaning that they're probably not in a committed relationship. What is it with older guys who only prefer to date younger women?

Lately, I have found myself attracted to what I think is the "perfect" guy, only to soon find out that he is no longer available. :( Not too long ago, I used to be only attracted to younger guys (I never found myself attracted to a guy that was 7 yrs. or more younger). However, I soon found out that younger guys are just way too immature and they really don't know what they want out of life. Then "Mr. Cutie" comes along, who is close to my age (he's about 40), who's had a successful career and has everything going for him, including stability in his life, only to find out that he's seeing someone. :( I've really tried to stay positive and thought that I could possibly have a chance with this guy, but now I know that it'll probably never happen.
I used to have a poor self-image of myself in my teens and 20s. On top of that, I was extremely shy and I know that this has always gotten in the way of what I wanted most in life. Now that I'm older, I feel a bit more confident and am no longer scared as I once was. However, I often don't take the initiative or go after what I really want, so I lose out on many opportunities.

I'm not "throwing in the towel" just yet. My main focus right now will be on myself. I'm no longer going to worry about having feelings for some guy that I know I'll never have a chance with. I'm just going to leave everything up to God. If I'm meant to have someone special in my life, then I'll embrace it. And if it's not meant to be, then I'll learn to accept it. Being single has many disadvantages, but it also has its advantages. To quote the title of Jen Schefft's book, "Better Single Than Sorry."