Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meeting Rick Springfield, Summer Break is Over and Goodbye for Now

My summer break was great, but it was way too short! I ended up just staying home and worked on a few, much-needed tasks, as well as worked at my job the entire summer.

In other news, my friend, who I've known since she was a baby, asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I didn't waste any time looking for a bridesmaid dress, trying several on and then finally ordering one. I just hope it gets here soon because the wedding is in 6 weeks!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the best part about this summer was getting to meet Rick Springfield, in late July. My childhood friend, "H," emailed me to let me know that Rick was going to be in town (actually, he was going to be in the neighboring town next to where her aunt lives--which is about a 40 minute drive from where I live) the following weekend for a book signing and she asked if I wanted to go with her. I quickly responded with a "Yes!" I had a crush on Rick when I was about nine-years-old, as did my friend, who was eight at the time. Anyway, the day finally arrived and my friend drove us to the bookstore. There was already a line of people (i.e. women) outside of the bookstore; however, the line didn't look too long. Once we got inside and everyone was seated, I must have counted a little over 75 people there. I did see about 2 or 3 men there, who I imagine were in attendance either to support their wives or they just wanted an autograph from the author.

Rick was about 30 minutes late arriving, but when he finally arrived, it was like if Elvis had just set foot inside the building! He brought out his guitar and began singing about 3 acoustic songs. He sang two of my favorites, including "Jessie's Girl" and "Love Somebody," and then put down his guitar. Then one of the bookstore clerks told the audience that we were all going to have a chance to have our books signed by Rick, as well as take a photo with him. Wow! I'm finally going to get a photo with one of my childhood crushes! You don't know how happy this made me feel, although you wouldn't have guessed it! My friend and I got in line and I noticed a few fans had brought their old albums to have Rick sign. I was going to do the same, but decided not to at the last minute.

I let my friend go first in line. Then when it came to my turn, I told Rick, "My nine-year-old self thanks you for writing this song!" The song had a connection to me immediately when I first heard it as a child, so I mentioned this to him. I don't recall what he replied, but then it was time for our photo-op! After looking back at the photo that was taken of us, I had a big smile on my face! About 10 minutes later, my friend and I were about to leave when I noticed Rick's autobiography was sitting on the store counter. I asked the store clerk if it was for sale and he said yes. I bought it and told my friend that we should get back in line and see if Rick would be willing to sign the book I just bought and to have a group photo taken of us with him. Well, we got back in line--just like a few other fans had done--and I got my second book signed. Oh, AND we got our photo taken with Rick!! My childhood dream finally came true! Needless to say, this was one of the happiest days of my life! I can now cross this off my bucket list. :-)

I went back to school about three weeks ago and I'm now taking a full load of courses. This now means that I don't have much time for anything else except eat, do homework, read school books and sleep. :-(

I'm going to take an extended break away from this blog. I need to shift my priorities to finishing my education, which should hopefully be in another year or so. Until next time.