Monday, September 22, 2008

Good fortune

I was lucky to find a little bit of money on the ground just recently. Ok, so it wasn't like I found a $20 bill like I did a few years back when I visited Knott's Berry Farm in So Cal. Anyway, one day last week, I found a penny on the street at school. And yes, I am not ashamed to pick up a penny because I don't care how much it's worth! A penny is a penny afterall. So then the next day, I had to go buy some groceries. When I came out of the store, I noticed three shiny coins in my path. Immediately, I picked up a quarter, which was then followed by two dimes. As I looked a little further, I saw a penny too, so I picked it up!

It's funny that I'm suddenly "falling into money." You see, several years ago, I had this dream where I crossed the street to my neighbor's house and saw all these coins (I'm talking lots here) lying on the ground. As I went to pick one or two up, suddenly more started appearing. I've never been superstitiuous or anything, but I wonder if the fact that I've been finding money (i.e. coins) means that I might be coming in to some good fortune soon! In the last few months, I've been trying to put all my positive energy into everything I do, especially after having been in a funk earlier this year. Whatever it means to have found this real small fortune, I have faith that something good will come out of it.

Speaking of good fortune, I got evaluated at work last week and it went well. In fact, I got a 40 cent raise!! I know it isn't much, but at least it's something. After the evaluation, my supervisor asked if I wanted to add anything. I briefly mentioned one or two things that had bothered me when I first started, but for the most part didn't have any complaints. However, I told her that as much as I enjoy working here, I need to be making more money. She agreed that what they pay me is definitely not enough. She said that she would assist me if she heard of any new openings that become available in other departments.

Well today when I arrived at work, my supervisor told me about a job that just opened up in another department. I read the description and found that this job is right up my alley and it pays very close to what I was making before. My supervisor, as well as my co-workers, actually thought I'd be a perfect fit since it involves writing and because my major falls into a similar category. We'll see what happens!


Carolina Girl said...

I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! That sounds like a golden opportunity. Good things are definitely coming down the pipeline for you :)