Sunday, September 19, 2010

Road Rage

Some time ago, I found myself in the middle of other people's wrath of road rage. :(

I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch and as I was leaving my town, there was blocked traffic to the right of me, so as soon as I was able to go around it, I was sitting at a four-way stoplight. I noticed there was a young guy right behind me, driving a rather large truck. He then moved to the other side of me and onto the left lane. I had my window rolled slightly down and heard him say, "Doesn't anyone know how to drive in this town anymore?!" He was clearly in a hurry.

As I made my way into the neighboring city, I had to make a quick stop at the mall. I found myself at a three-way stop, which I thought might have turned into a four-way stop. Although I had the right-of-way to turn right, out of courtesy, I decided to let the car opposite me make a left turn while I waited. As this occurred, there was a car to the left of me, whose driver had to make a complete stop. As the driver notices me stopping to let the other car go, I hear the young woman yell, "What are you waiting for, f***** winter?!"

I know sometimes my patience can wear thin in certain situations, but I thought it was rude of those two, young people to have acted the way they did! It's really sad to see this type of anger in other people. We live in a crazy world and I've learned that when things like this happen, you just need to brush it off and forget about it.