Monday, November 19, 2012

Frustrated with School

There's an old saying that goes like this: "If it isn't one thing it's another." This couldn't be more truthful. You see, I just recently applied to the university for which I'm hoping I'll be accepted in to for fall 2013. However, every time I set foot in to my class where my instructor advices all of his students on the application process, etc., I continue to grow very skeptical and nervous over the latest updates on what it now takes to get accepted in to higher education.

I submitted my online application to the university about two weeks ago and will likely not find out if I was accepted until around March 2013. To make matters worst, I just experienced a major (well, at least to me it is) setback.

There's another saying that goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." On November 15, I had a meeting with my math instructor. Just before class had ended about an hour earlier, he handed us back our 2nd exam, which we had all taken the week prior. I didn't do very well on this test. I met with my instructor immediately after class and he recommended that I drop the course and try again next semester. This was technically supposed to be my last semester and next semester was going to be reserved for taking one class for my major and one elective course. Well, that's all changed now because I will have to re-take math again in January. :-(

Honestly, I wish I had the brain for all college-levels of math. Instead, I ended up with the English gene. I've put in many countless hours doing homework, getting one-on-one tutoring every week and going to both math tutorial centers, four days a week, to get assistance. Unfortunately, all the hard work hasn't paid off yet. :-(

After having spoken to my instructor and after having cried for a little bit, I composed myself. I then called my guidance counselor's office to see if I could make an appointment to see her before I register for spring classes, which is in two weeks. Unfortunately, she had nothing available until the day before I register, so I decided I was going to go to drop-in counseling the following day. In the meantime, I headed over to the math tutorial and attempted to work on my math homework. However, during the entire time I was there, all I could think about was how I failed terribly. :-(

The next morning, I drove to school and met with a guidance counselor. I discussed with her what my instructor had recommended and I asked her if it was better to drop the course altogether or should I remain in the class and accept the grade I was going to receive. The counselor agreed with my instructor in that I should drop this course, which I ended up dropping on Friday.

This is NOT what I had intended to happen. I really wanted to pass this course THIS semester! I know that I'm not a good test taker and I have a really hard time remembering certain concepts. While I felt that the lectures in this class moved at a quicker pace, my brain was still behind and still trying to figure out what I was taught during the previous lecture! UGH!!

Next semester, I will start new, hoping this time that I will pass my math course. I'm so ready to move on with my life and be done with this school!